Seller Snap artificial intelligence based on game theory really makes a difference when it comes to selling on Amazon at the best possible price.

Due to its price range, this Amazon repricer is most suitable for experienced sellers already making at least $20K a month in revenues.

Below is the dashboard you get with their Standard Plan. This is great info to have a quick review of how your business is doing, below is our weekly data but of course you can filter it to show any time frame you want.

Why do we like Seller Snap?

Algorithmic repricing

  • Really super simple to use, turn it on, set your min and max and it will take care of all pricing for you.


  • Plenty of key indicators to look at like % of BB, velocity, and much more.


  • This repricer is very versatile and it allows you to really control your inventory without spending a ton of time doing manual tasks. For example you can set it up to use multiple repricing models depending on variables like sales velocity, inventory age, etc.

Customer service

  • Their customer service is second to none, and yes you can actually talk to a human if you call them 🙂

Ready to get started with Seller Snap?

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Seller Snap Pricing

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