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Amazon Account Management Service

Maximize ROI

Proven winning strategies to manage your advertisement campaigns

Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Display Ads.

Battle tested product launch strategy

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Amazon Ads Verified Partner
Amazon Ads Verified Partner
sponsored ads certification
Sponsored Ads Certification

Get Our Proprietary X-Ray Listing Audit

Schedule a friendly chat to receive an X-Ray ReportĀ for one of your listings detailing:

  • Your current listing ranking score vs main competitors.
  • An improved version of your listing (title, bullet points, description, search terms) optimized to outrank the top 10 listings.
  • The exact types of PPC campaigns you should be using to maximize both PPC ROI and organic rankings.
  • Comprehensive list of keywords, search volume and difficulty level that you should be targeting.

Our X-Ray report has a cost of USD 299 for each ASIN. You will get full credit if you sign up as a client within 30 days.

Note: non clients are eligible to purchase only one X-Ray Report for one ASIN.

amazon listing audit ppc launch

This Is How We Boost Brands

ranking asin with amazon ppc
ranking asin with amazon ppc
ranking asin with amazon ppc
ranking asin with amazon ppc

Amazon Account Management

  • Customized strategy to generate higher revenues.
  • You always get the best service, our team of experts never lose sight of your goals.
  • Frequent communication and feedback.
  • We design your campaigns structure to boost organic ranking and promote sustainable growth.

Our Winning Approach

  • Data driven approach to reach new customers and increase brand awareness.
  • X-Ray analysis of your listings to ensure they are optimized for conversions and ranking juice.
  • Analysis of your current advertising campaigns.
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of your ads.

What's The Investment?

Our account management service starts from USD2,500 plus a % fee on incremental revenue, this is the average fee for our smaller clients that have 3-10 SKUs and less than $20K in monthly revenue. We will provide a more accurate estimate once we have a chance to understand your business and determine which services will benefit you the most.